Hi, I’m Alex Pintea, welcome to my website. I’ll start by telling you I became an architect for a very specific reason: I truly feel this profession allows me to creatively express what I have to say in life. I am fascinated by that meeting point where my own artistic expression joins the aspirations of the people that I create for. I started out on this path a long time ago and with each passing year I watched this occupation turn into a calling, I saw the passion I have for my work become visible in every finished creation and, most importantly, I discovered I can shape the energy of the people I create for into the perfect spaces for them, those very spaces that become extensions of their personalities, their wants and their needs. 

I am interested in people and their aspirations. I believe that a space can and must become a faithful extension of the person that first dreamed of it. From the light that passes through the windows and the transitions between areas, down to every angle and perspective inside the space, every last detail must feel true to the person using it. My highest aim is to help my client recognize himself in what we build together. 

I would love to turn this monologue into a dialogue, so I’m always up for a casual chat whenever you feel the time is right. You’ll be meeting a friendly guy, eager to discuss your plans and talk about your perfect space, the one that I can help make a reality.


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