Children’s Recovery and Treatment Center in Tulcea

The new building for Children’s Recovery and Treatment Center in Tulcea offers counseling, recovery and treatment issues for disabled children and young adults within the community and around the city. The project was designed as an ample space, warm and full of light. The Center is located in the city of Tulcea, on Spitalului Street, near the vicinity of the city’s main hospital. The placement of the building was dictated by the shape of the site, the cardinal points and ease of access for pedestrians and by car. The project is composed, both functional and structural, of two volumes with different heights being joined together by a core of light which houses the main circulation. The higher volume consists of therapy rooms (physical therapy, ergo-therapy, hydrotherapy, etc.) while the lower volume houses the treatment offices (medical office, psychology office, etc.). All these spaces are articulated by a generous and welcoming space which acts as the reception and waiting area of the building. Alongside the main functions of the Center are secondary spaces such as technical areas, toilets, locker rooms, etc. The generous glass surfaces give a certain quality and comfort to the interior spaces, assuring both intimacy as well as views to the outside, creating a relationship between the building and the city.

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Architects: Maria Moldoveanu, Alex Pintea     Images: Alex Pintea     Location: Tulcea, Romania     Gross area: 440 m²     Project duration: 2011 – 2012     Status: built