Earth Clock

A timepiece shaped by hand using timeless materials. As time always flows through us and never stands still around us, we sometimes forget that it is actually an invention we made to assure ourselves that existence unfolds not by chaos, but through structure. Some time ago I decided there should be a clock made out of earth — that simple. Although a first glance would suggest an idea inspired by local tradition, we are really presented with a thought unrestricted by state borders. What is of the earth belongs to the Earth and, ever since we came to be, there have been objects shaping it everywhere. We are dealing with a primordial material, a quality that is also associated with time. Rather than having it processed by fire, I allowed it to be hardened by time itself. This makes the product a bit fragile, maybe even prone to cracking with age, making us further realize that time does not really exist in the way we perceive it. Its limitations are only in our minds and we are always free to do as we please, when we please. Each piece is unique. Made by hand, you perceive it as being more real, you feel life in its crafting. The clock does not show the perfection of machine processing, even though, as a mechanism, it bears the characteristics of one. And because the shape is so simple, you can see the traces of its manufacture. In its final form you witness how it came to be, its unique creation in time. 

02 earth clock02 earth clock
05 earth clock05 earth clock

Designer: Alex Pintea     Images: Laurențiu Stere, Mădălina Iftimi     Project duration: 2014 – 2016