Eco-Archipelago International Design Competition

Project name: YURI (japanese word meaning: 1. lily; 2. sway, swing). Our project’s idea started from the place we chose, Mila 23, a small and cozy village situated in the heart of the Danube Delta. It is the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city, being isolated and completely surrounded by water. It is ideal for a moment of respite, a return to nature (both physical and spiritual) that brings moments of peace and reflection. It is a place of beauty that does not easily reveal itself. We chose the shape of the water lily, a perennial flower, floating on the water surface and stirring curiosity, reaching out to you to see it up close, to know it. The symbol of the water lily as a solitary plant which can also assemble in groups alludes to the idea of community in a time of growing disconnection between individuals. We synthesized this shape and its symbology into our project using wood as the basic material, an organic material, warm and easily put into work. The volume consists of wooden slats that create a playful contrast between opacity and transparency while also allowing the wind to pass through. At the heart of the water lily is a panel of glass with photovoltaic cells that provides illumination during night time through strips of LED lights on one side of each wooden slat. We wanted to create an object that, though isolated, awakes your curiosity and creates the desire for a closer look, for a tactile sensation, one that gives you a feeling of serenity, of a natural course of things, of the simple joy of being.

2 yuri2 yuri
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Architects: Alex Pintea, Sasha Coman     Images: Sasha Coman, Alex Roman     Location: Bucharest, Romania     Year: 2014     Status: competition entry