Event Hall in Gura Râului

The idea behind the project originated with the location, Gura Râului, a village at the foot of the mountains in the county of Sibiu. Because it is an area that preserved a lot of its vernacular architecture, my aim was to use these elements in a contemporary manner by using modern materials and local construction techniques. This brought about the simple, rectangular shape of the plan, the gabled tile roof and the porch. As an event hall, the main space of the building consists of the hall itself, which opens toward the landscape through generous glass surfaces as well as by an appropriate height for such a space. Alongside the length of the building is a covered terrace acting as a porch, which creates the sensation of an exterior space that is protected and intimate, and which also mediates the relationship between the inside and outside, providing rhythm and rigor to the volume. The kitchen and the guest lavatories are directly connected to the event hall. The rear area is partitioned into the personnel locker room and technical rooms. The atmosphere of the main hall is amplified by a skylight which, besides uniformly lighting the hall, also offers an uninterrupted view of the sky even when inside.

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Architect: Alex Pintea     Images: Alex Pintea, Alex Roman, Sasha Coman     Location: Gura Râului, Romania     Gross area: 470 m²     Year: 2014     Status: unbuilt