House in Păduriș

This single-family house was designed for a young family as a vacation home situated in the beautiful hills near Păduriș in Sălaj County. The clients wanted intimacy so the façade facing the street is mainly opaque, since it is also facing North. The house opens towards the South and the garden, making way for natural light to enter the spaces and also providing views to the beautiful landscape that surrounds the area. The volume takes the shape of a barn which is a pretty common typology in the area, bringing back memories from the clients childhood. The ground floor accommodates the daytime living spaces such as the kitchen, dining and living room while the first floor consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Each bedroom has its own terrace, which makes getting up in the morning even more pleasant by connecting the people with the exterior effortlessly. The main material used is brick, an earthly material, painted white and used with contemporary building techniques, giving the house a timeless feel while hinting at the time when it was designed.

casa 1casa 1

Architect: Alex Pintea     Images: Alex Pintea, Alex Roman     Location: Păduriş, Romania     Gross area: 250 m²     Year: 2011     Status: unbuilt