House in Simeria

Built on a long and narrow strip of land, the house extends itself predominantly along a single axis, the longitudinal one. This unique placement forms three main areas with different degrees of privacy: the front yard, which serves as a buffer zone between the public and private spaces, the actual house and the back yard. The ground floor accommodates all the daily functions, the living room, kitchen, dinner area, as well as a guest bedroom. The living room is positioned toward the front yard, pointing South, while the kitchen extends its interior space with an outer terrace oriented toward the more private rear area, to the North. The first floor is divided into the parents’ and children’s bedrooms. A sun shading system composed of wooden slats filters the light and shelters the night area from excessive sunlight. Thanks to its generous glazing, the house is bathed in natural light throughout all of its areas and offers controlled perspectives to the surrounding scenery.

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Architect: Alex Pintea     Images: Alex Pintea, Alex Roman     Location: Simeria, Romania     Gross area: 280 m²     Year: 2010     Status: unbuilt